Saturday, November 7, 2009

LOL moment of the week.

Pakistan Fashion Week! Amidst security concerns in a country ravaged by war and terrorism, the illustrious glitterati congregated in defiance to the archaic and deplorable customs of their religion. There was more Pakistani skin on display than has ever before been witnessed and even as the scantily clad models prayed to the almighty to spare thier parents from witnessing the sight of thier barely covered bodies, they simultaneously wished for the show to be a global success so that men all over the world can now fuel their wanking sessions with the much besotted images of once sacred Pakistani flesh.

We are trying to represent a better picture of pakistan to the world! Declared some guy of questionable sexual orientation while in the background, a tube topped woman fumbled with the top of her tube to keep it from performing a wardrobe malfunction.

A better picture of Pakistan? Better than what really, and in what way better? One could be prompted to question, but than if one was to indulge in such disappointing use of ones mental faculties when so much of what is so good about Pakistan was so unabashedly on display, one would have to be quite a fool.

So one must switch of his brain, stop drawing parallels, cease noticing the million little ironies scattered all across the catwalk and simply prepare oneself to thoroughly indulge in and enjoy the hedonistic pleasure being so merrily doled out by the people, for the people.

On the one hand we show the world that we are religious fanatics all set to burn the world to the ground lest ye obey and get in line. On the other hand we show the world that, oh no no no, we are not religious fanatics but on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum and as blissfully deviant as you would like us to be. So what we end up actually showing the world is that we are a nation of fanatics who are so polarized that if left to our own devices soon enough we will destroy each other. Our insecurities and our inferiority complexes have driven us mad and we can either screw you over or follow your lead like hungry but docile dogs, compromising on everything, even our morality and our dignity in an effort to be more like you. We are afflicted by an identity crisis and a severe case of wannabeism and the crux of the matter, therefore, is that we are lost in the quagmire of our own confusions.

I try to think of one person who should represent the country, its intellectual elite and its strength. Imran Khan comes to mind but only fleetingly. Musharaf perhaps? But then we know behind the exterior of a great demogogue there is only sinister intent. So who then does get to carry the flame? Are we so devoid of heroes that the task must by default fall upon either the most rigid or the most pliable? The most offensive or the most deplorable? Apparently, yes it must, because the moderate, the presentable are too preoccupied with surviving to be bothered with representing the country. So I suppose we might as well rejoice that, even if it is for self serving and ultimately counter productive goals, at least the fashion industry isn't afraid to flaunt its Pakistani roots.


Blogger Majaz said...

Polarity is the word.

Is it any wonder our leaders are just as schizophrenic and bipolar as our norms are turning out to be?

Sun Nov 08, 12:38:00 AM GMT+5  
Blogger Barooq said...

I should lead the country then...

Promise you'll vote for me Sajjad ?

Tue Nov 10, 11:48:00 PM GMT+5  
Blogger BeKn|GhTeD said...

Majaz: Not just our leaders, the whole nation is suffering from severe mental disorders. What scares me most is the route our youth is headed, they are smarter, sure, but they have no identity. The poor buggers really don't have an option but to imitate reality TV.

Badar, i'd rather not. No offense, but if the world was a superman comic, you'd be Lex Luther. So no, voluntarily putting you in a position of power will be counter productive, and may even result in the annihilation of life as we know it. Which, on second thought, might be exactly what the world needs: someone so annoying that the hatred for that person will unite the world!
Okay. if you must promise a wholehearted effort to destroy the world, you can have my vote. Game?

Thu Nov 12, 01:51:00 PM GMT+5  

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