Monday, May 17, 2010

almost is almost never enough.

I have loved you, my dear torn up stranger. I must have or else it wouldn’t feel this good to be rid of you.

Nor would it ache, quite as much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

get married already!

Mon May 17, 11:54:00 PM GMT+5  
Blogger Roshni said...

feels good and hurts? ...don't the two balance each other out? =/

Tue May 18, 02:54:00 AM GMT+5  
Blogger Xeb said...

Your words are beautiful.

I wish you'd write more frequently!

Tue May 18, 10:38:00 AM GMT+5  
Blogger BeKn|GhTeD said...

Anon: to?

Roshni: Heh, you'll know when you turn comes to find out.

Xeb: so do i :(

Wed May 19, 03:15:00 PM GMT+5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marry me!!!

Wed May 26, 08:10:00 AM GMT+5  
Blogger BeKn|GhTeD said...

and you are?

Wed May 26, 01:48:00 PM GMT+5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u should blog more and talk more of pakistani politics, i like to stalk, creepy much? :P

Tue Jun 01, 04:54:00 AM GMT+5  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll broaden your options, by throwing myself into the category of those proposing marriage to you.

Sat Jun 05, 10:33:00 PM GMT+5  
Blogger BeKn|GhTeD said...

So will these be anonymous marriages? I mean how is it going to work? I am allowed four by the religion, and i guess i can chalk two slots up to these phantom lovers of mine. But the consummations bit is gonna be tricky, don't you ladies(i hope!) think?

Sat Jun 05, 10:38:00 PM GMT+5  
Anonymous mysh said...

yayy! There u go sajjad u have ppl proposin u even on ur blog! Shudnt u be flattered n happy?? =) Life isnt s0 bad afterall..

Sat Jun 19, 07:25:00 PM GMT+5  

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