Monday, August 23, 2010

Chai chahiye. Aur soota bhee :(

As civilizations go, ours sucks.

Look at it this way, what artifacts are we leaving behind for the future of mankind to find? I don't mean the gigantic buildings, they most probably will not survive the calamity that ends it all whether it be a global flood or a nuclear war but even if they do they won't be too different in grandeur and the information they provide than the pyramids, for instance, or the Easter island heads… huge things made by man for reasons that make no sense a millennium later. Hard drives are sturdy, they might make it.

But then who knows if newman will have invented electricity or choose to go a less dubious route? Then what will they be to them, our hard drives full of memories? Paper weights? Weapons! Yes, head bashers! Our violent history will continue to be used for violence and so we will continue to fulfill our own prophecy long after we have ceased to be. But what else… the time capsule with a coke bottle and a playboy won't really help much. Maybe newman won't like the taste of carbonated caffeine, maybe tits won't tickle his fancy quite like they do ours… I mean if I was going to put my money on it, I'd expect newman to be at least as different from us as we are from oldman, or what we know of oldman and we don't know much, really, not much at all.

And so I suppose newman will also be in awe of whatever he will find of ours, wrecked buildings and titty mags… noxious air and nuclear waste… maybe there should be a manual etched into the very heart of the earth or the sky or something, anything that can withstand the tests of time. Cockroaches! Yes we should write the story of our follies in Roach DNA and at least try to warn the ones who will become the unwitting heirs to our rather miserable legacy. Sure it's never been done before and humanity has been left unto its own devices to figure out how to get where we are headed. But never before has the legacy of a civilization to the ones to follow been the power of killing the world itself. We can, if we wanna, you know, right? We can kill the world in a day or two, totally annihilate it and prolly upset the balance enough to take the whole universe along. Maybe that's what god wants (If there is a god). It sure as shit seems like what humans want. And since we are supposedly created in his image, is it really too far fetched to assume that the almighty is starving for a little global destruction? We are created to destroy. We are Destructoids! Human is too pussy a word to express what we are. Human is for little furry animals and fat short aunties with big big smiles. The human race is not human at all, it's actually Alien. We are the extraterrestrials who have landed on this earth of plant life and animal life and harmonious life and gorgeous life to grow nukes out of its bosom to destroy it. We are certainly poetic in our violence but violent is our nature and so, yes we will, as we have before, bring the world to a ruin, the earth to its knees and God, perhaps, God to his feet in a frenzy of applause and even as we ourselves rather poetically get destroyed by the very thing we ourselves created, we will, I am sure, I am absolutely fucking certain, find comfort in knowing that if our creations can destroy us than we perhaps can destroy our creator.


Anonymous Majaz said...

Destroy Him?

After inventing Him?

Poetry indeed.

Tue Aug 24, 03:53:00 AM GMT+5  
Blogger Mysh said...

Im lost for words..

OR maybe I have to0 many. That can be carried off into early hours of morning. And more.

Fri Sep 17, 04:31:00 AM GMT+5  
Blogger Tauqeer said...

I liked this post.

Tue Nov 23, 10:40:00 AM GMT+5  

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