Wednesday, November 17, 2010


years old: my blog.

14 years old: my email account.

20 years old: my car.

I'm not one for letting go. Learn to deal.


Blogger Roshni said...

atleast get a new car. WHILST holding on to the current one. You can do it.

Thu Nov 18, 09:19:00 PM GMT+5  
Blogger BeKn|GhTeD said...

u missed the point entirely.

Fri Nov 19, 12:59:00 PM GMT+5  
Blogger Mysh said...

:D !

i feel proud of my old things im still holdin onto.

Mine only. Other's unfortunately at some point i have to let go.

Wed Nov 24, 05:43:00 PM GMT+5  
Blogger meshwork said...

hope you are well....
congrats on the 6 years!
and not letting go, is something I completely agree with...everything around me is mine and carries with it a part of i refuse to leave behind "me"
take care loads....

Fri Jan 07, 08:51:00 PM GMT+5  

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